My neighbor wanted a cool Yoda cake for her son. She asked me to make it and I was happy to try!

I researched Yoda cake ideas and most were flat with the image frosted on or they had Yoda toys on the top of the cake. I wanted something really cool and 3D that he wouldn’t soon forget!

I love to sculpt and I had seen ideas about working with Rice Krispie treats so I sculpted Yoda’s head with them and covered it with fondant. I was surprised at how easy Rice Krispie treats were to work with. Usually I use clay so it was quite a change! It was a little sticky and hard to resist eating half of the treats, but it worked. That’s definitely not a problem I have when using clay!

  • The ears were made from fondant attached with skewers.
  • The eyes were candy eyes that I found at the grocery store.
  • The body was cake covered with a fondant robe.

It was amazing how heavy he was. Poor Yoda was a big guy!

Yoda was pretty easy until he decided his ears were way too heavy around midnight, the night before the birthday party! I awoke early and found them laying next to him. In a panic I had to redo the ears and part of his little face that fell and cracked with the ears. In the end all was okay, but I did learn a lesson about how heavy fondant can be!

The best part of making this cake was seeing the look on the birthday boy’s face! I wanted something he would always remember and I love the challenge of coming up with something new and different. This was definitely the hardest cake I’ve made so far.

My girls would now like a Lalaloopsy doll cake. I am thinking that will be next. Sculpting with the treats is a great way to make any character. Fun and easy!