Coolest Homemade Yoda from Star Wars Cake Ideas

Coolest Star Wars Cake Photos and Tips

For my son’s 6th birthday he wanted a Yoda cake so I made him a Star Wars cake. I made 2 basic sponges in a rectangle tin. I drew the shape of Yoda’s head onto paper and then again onto card. Once cut out I used it as a template to carve out the cake … Read more

Coolest Yoda Birthday Cake

Coolest Yoda Birthday Cake

My nephew wanted a Star Wars cake for his fifth birthday, he decided on Yoda. I started by baking the sheet cake with four boxes of Pillsbury cake mix, two yellow and two devil’s food. I tinted the yellow cake mix green for Yoda, the green cake freaked out some of the kids but they … Read more

Epic Fail Turns into Awesome 3D Yoda Cake

Epic Fail Turns into Awesome 3D Yoda Cake

For my son’s 6th birthday I was tasked with making a 3-D Yoda cake as he only likes the “good side of the Force”.  As Yoda says: “Try Not, Do or Do Not – There is no Try” We understand that quote a lot better after this challenge! Over the course of a couple of … Read more

Coolest Yoda Cake Ever

Coolest Yoda Cake Ever

I created this Yoda cake for my grandson’s 8th birthday. He was really into Star Wars and was having a Star Wars theme party, so a Yoda cake was perfect!! I first layered basic yellow cakes for the body, and made a red velvet cake for the head. After sculpting the facial features, I put … Read more

Coolest Yoda Cake

Coolest Yoda Cake

My neighbor wanted a cool Yoda cake for her son. She asked me to make it and I was happy to try! I researched Yoda cake ideas and most were flat with the image frosted on or they had Yoda toys on the top of the cake. I wanted something really cool and 3D that he … Read more

Coolest Yoda Birthday Cake

Yoda Cake

My boys love Star Wars. Their birthdays are 1 day apart, and they turned 6 and 9 this year. When they asked for a Yoda birthday cake, I wasn’t sure I could deliver. The Cake: I started with 2 round 8-inch cakes and a square 9-inch cake. The round cakes were stacked for Yoda’s head, … Read more

Awesome Yoda Cake

Well, last year for my boyfriend’s birthday I made him a simple R2D2 cake (2D and no fondant). After a year of practicing cakes I knew I had to up my last one. When we first started dating we played a lot of Star Wars: The Old Republic online together so Star Wars is just … Read more

Coolest Star Wars Yoda Cake

Homemade Star Wars Yoda Cake

For my son’s 9th birthday we decided to go with a Clone Wars theme. We made a Captain Rex Mask cake but in case we needed more cake and people didn’t want chocolate we made a Star Wars Yoda Cake too. I used 1 8″ round to make the head and 1 to carve the … Read more

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It was for his fourth birthday party and he loves Star Wars and Yoda is his favorite character so how could I not make a star wars cake for him instead of paying the high price at the cake shop. I attempted my first cake and it was a blast!

Coolest Yoda Birthday Cake14

Homemade Yoda Birthday Cake

I made a 1 egg chocolate cake x6 in a roasting dish for this Yoda birthday cake. When cold cut in half and cut to shape, layering 3D. Then I molded icing mixed with food coloring and molded it to shape with more food coloring and using a paintbrush filled in gaps etc. What a … Read more

Coolest Yoda Star Wars Cake Photos and How-To Tips 5

You will need approx 1kg of sugar paste to cover Yoda and make his ears (add a couple of tea spoons of gum tragacanth to the sugar paste that make up his ears— this will help harden the icing so they hold their shape). You will need to make the ears a day or so … Read more

Coolest Yoda’s Face Cake

Homemade Yoda's Face Cake

When my son was turning 7, he informed me that he would be having a Yoda cake for his birthday. So I found a picture of him in one of his books and used it as a guide. First, I took two 8-inch round pans and traced them on paper. I left one as a … Read more