This deer hunting cake was made for my brother-in-laws 60th birthday.  They were roasting him so I thought I would get my digs in with the cake.  He is known to fall asleep as soon as he is still and I planned to capture that in this cake.

Steps for Making the Deer Hunting Cake

  • I started by making the bottom tier a camouflaged cake.
  • I then added a replica of my brother-in-law atop it, sound asleep and leaning on a tree trunk with a gun across his lap.
  • On the second tier I decided to add deers above and have them leaning on that top tier actually eating his cake!  They knew they could be caught red handed with cake on their faces at anytime, so I added big surprised eyes to show their hope not to be caught!
  • The top tier was covered in fondant and there was camouflage cake inside.  The bottom layer was his favorite chocolate cake covered in buttercream icing and topped with randomly placed camouflage leaves.
  • A sign with jagged board effect was added to the top tier to write the happy birthday messag one.

This was one of my favorite cakes to make. Making it was good clean and tasty  fun for someone at a birthday roast!