Cute Homemade Lego Ninjago Cake

Homemade Lego Ninjago Cake

My son’s name is Zane, so for his 5th birthday I made him a “Zane Lego Ninjago Cake”. This is make with two 9″ chocolate cakes. I froze the cakes so they would hold their shape and the weight of the decorations. I made a raspberry glaze for the center and an almond butter cream … Read more

Coolest LEGO Cake

Homemade LEGO Cake

I made this LEGO cake for my son’s 3rd Birthday party. I got the idea from my son’s LEGO’s that had been scattered throughout his room. The bottom cake was a white cake made from an 11×7 inch cake pan. The top portion of the cake was chocolate made with a loaf pan. The LEGO … Read more

Coolest Stars Wars Lego Cake

Homemade Star Wars Lego Cake

I wanted to make a Lego cake for our son’s 10th Birthday. We experimented with a single sheet cake with cupcakes on top and then just plain old icing. It was OK but thought we could do better. We have always wanted to work with fondant but we always thought it was difficult to work … Read more