Coolest Homemade Backyardigans Cake Ideas and Tips

Coolest Backyardigans Cake Photos and Tips

This is my Backyardigans cake. I outlined all the characters from a picture of them and used the cake pens. Then filled them in with all the different colored icing I made. More Backyardigans Cakes Backyardigans cake by Katie S., Pinewood, Ontario, Canada My two year old daughter loves the Backyardigans so what better than … Read more

4 Cool Gary the Snail Birthday Cakes

Coolest Spongebob Photo Gallery of Homemade Cakes and How-To Tips

This cake was at the request of my youngest daughter who was turning three and is a big fan of Gary the Snail from Sponge bob. I copied a Spongebob photo. I made four 8X8 cakes, filled them with basic butter cream then stacked them to make a big block of cake. I then carved … Read more