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Cool Backyardigan’s Tyrone Cake Ideas

I made this Tyrone cake for my neighbor’s little girl on her third birthday. I started with two 9×13 cakes (with edges cut off), placed end to end and then cut out the shape of Tyrone which I got from a coloring book she had. For the icing I used white store bought and colored it with Wilton color gels. She was very excited about the cake and so were the party guests. She didn’t want anyone to eat it except her!

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Cake by Emily J., Gardner, KS

Uniqua Cake

I made this Tyrone cake for my nephew’s third birthday. He loves Tyrone from the Backyardigans. I found the picture of Tyrone on the internet and traced it onto parchment paper. I then drew in the balloons freehand. After frosting the cake and letting it set for about an hour I placed the pattern on top of the cake and poked around the pattern using the tip of a safety pin.

I outlined the pattern on the cake with piping gel and used the star tip to fill in the pattern. I used a spoon dipped lightly in cornstarch to smooth out eyes and balloons.

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