My daughter requested I make her a red fondant wedding cake. Having never made one, I was a nervous wreck and began to make practice cakes in March for an August wedding. I also did a lot of research on the web for a Country Themed Wedding Cake Idea. This was the end product.

I densed up cake mixes to accommodate the weight of the fondant. The cake was yellow with strawberry filling, iced with vanilla frosting then covered in red tinted fondant (I used Wilton’s no taste red coloring). I made the daisy fondant flowers a few days in advance to allow hardening. I didn’t want to mess with stacked tiers so purchased this cake stand.

I attached ribbon at the bottom of each tier. The bride was quite happy with her “one of a kind” wedding cake. Thank goodness for the plethora of info available on the internet. I couldn’t have made this cake without it. That’s why I like this kind of website.