Coolest Zelda Birthday Cake

Homemade Zelda Birthday Cake

My Nintendo-mad girlfriend turned 23, and since I bought her a Zelda-statue, I wanted to make a Zelda birthday cake. I started by baking three thin layers of rich chocolate cake in a small pan (about 20 x 15 cm) and then cut the shield shape out. I then filled the cake, using one layer … Read more

Coolest 1-up Mushroom Birthday Cake

Homemade 1-up Mushroom Birthday Cake

My girlfriend is a huge Nintendo fan, with particular love for Super Mario. Her 22nd birthday was coming up, and since it was her first birthday we celebrated together I wanted to do something special for her. And I came up with a 1-up Mushroom Birthday Cake! All the ideas and ingredients were my idea. … Read more