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Coolest Zelda Birthday Cake

My Nintendo-mad girlfriend turned 23, and since I bought her a Zelda-statue, I wanted to make a Zelda birthday cake.

I started by baking three thin layers of rich chocolate cake in a small pan (about 20 x 15 cm) and then cut the shield shape out.

I then filled the cake, using one layer of chocolate mousse (made from her favorite type of chocolate) and a mango cream which I made from mango and whipped cream. I then coated it in whipped cream with vanilla powder in it, to make it sweeter.

I got some blue marzipan of the internet and covered it completely. Then it was time for the tricky part. I measured the cake and cut out accents from the remaining marzipan, totally eyeballing it, no templates! Since the cake is pretty small, I’d have to make everything small, which is really hard to do.

I dusted the accents with lustre dust (Rainbow Colors Fire Cracker Red for the “birdie thingy”, Rainbow Colors Golden Treasure for the triforce and Sugarflairs Satin Silver for the rest).

When I had the accents on, I painted a little water to the surface, so that the marzipan would melt a little and making it stick.

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