Coolest Magicians Hat Birthday Cake

Coolest Magicians Hat Birthday Cake

My son Luke was planning his 6th birthday party. He changed his mind at least 100 times about what he wanted to do! Finally he decided on a magic themed party. I found a magician to come and entertain the kids (money well spent by the way) and together we searched the internet for the … Read more

Green Ninjago Lego Figure Birthday Cake

My son Ryan was coming up to his 9th birthday. I asked him what sort of cake he would like me to make for him. When he said the green Ninjago figure, I thought great, I will just do the head! But no! Ryan wanted the whole figure! I was a little worried about how … Read more

Coolest Owl Birthday Cake

I made this Owl birthday cake for my daughter Sophie’s 1st birthday. Her bedroom is decorated in owls, she has owl teddies everywhere, so I thought why not make her first birthday theme owls! I made the branch that the owl is sitting on, the insects, the owls features and the little owl candle holder … Read more