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Green Ninjago Lego Figure Birthday Cake

My son Ryan was coming up to his 9th birthday. I asked him what sort of cake he would like me to make for him. When he said the green Ninjago figure, I thought great, I will just do the head! But no! Ryan wanted the whole figure! I was a little worried about how I would construct this and couldn’t find many photos online to help me. After putting it off for as long as I could, I just went for it! The cake was just a plain butter cake. I cooked 2 large square cakes and a round cake.

I cut all the pieces out from the square cakes, including an extra round piece to put on top of the round cake to make the head more of a cylinder shape. I started putting the head together first. I joined the 2 round cakes and covered it in a green butter icing. I then wrapped a piece of homemade marshmallow fondant around the head making the Ninja head cover. I carefully cut out a rectangle out of the fondant for where the eyes would go.

The eyes, hands (which were made with tooth picks inserted in them) and belt were all made from the marshmallow fondant. I assembled the body using wooden skewers to hold it all in place and covered it in the green butter icing. I then inserted 2 skewers into the body where the neck would be and carefully lowered the head on. This was the scariest part! I was so worried the head would just fall apart! But to my relief it all stayed in place.

When my son came home from school and saw it, his reaction was worth all the time I had spent on it! He was so happy with it, that he went into his room and made me a thank you card. At his party all his friends were just as impressed and it tasted great too!