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Coolest Owl Birthday Cake

I made this Owl birthday cake for my daughter Sophie’s 1st birthday. Her bedroom is decorated in owls, she has owl teddies everywhere, so I thought why not make her first birthday theme owls!

I made the branch that the owl is sitting on, the insects, the owls features and the little owl candle holder etc. with homemade marshmallow fondant.

The cake itself was a basic butter cake, cooked in a Dolly Varden tin. I cooked one double mix for the bottom of the owl, and the head was a single cake mix. I joined the two cakes together with butter cream. I then covered the whole cake in the butter cream and attached the eyes, beak and wings with butter icing. I used a fork to give a feather look to the icing.

The cake was a huge hit! Everyone loved it, and I was impressed that I got it from my house to the park in one piece! My daughter sure enjoyed eating it.

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