Cool Magic Tree House Cake

At first my son wanted a Ninjago party for his 7th birthday.  I wanted him to pick something less violent.  So we agreed on a Magic Tree House party because he loves the books. He just finished reading Night of the New Magicians – my favorite so far.  The school librarian where I work helped … Read more

Coolest Retirement Garden Cake for Teacher

Homemade Retirement Garden Cake for Teacher

I made this Retirement Garden Cake for Teacher for a long time staff member who was retiring from the daycare center where my children went. I chose a garden theme because she enjoys gardening and I felt that gardening was symbolic of how our children grow. I used 6, 8 and 10 inch pans for … Read more

Cool Homemade Teacher Cake

Homemade Teacher Cake

I used two Duncan Hines yellow cake mixes. I made the cake as directed on box. Separated the mix into 6 different bowls and colored each. Using a 14 x 14 pan I poured the cake mix one color at a time in the center of the pan rotating the pan (in case of an … Read more