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Cool Homemade Teacher Cake

I used two Duncan Hines yellow cake mixes. I made the cake as directed on box. Separated the mix into 6 different bowls and colored each. Using a 14 x 14 pan I poured the cake mix one color at a time in the center of the pan rotating the pan (in case of an uneven surface). I used the colors of the rainbow backwards so purple would be on the outside. I used Wilton’s Decorator Preferred® Bake-ware Heating Core to make sure that the cake cooked evenly.

After baking, cooling, and removing the cake from the pan I froze the cake on the cake board overnight. This makes it easier to frost. I frosted the entire cake with chocolate frosting. I used Wilton’s premade black frosting to make the chalkboard. I use their white frosting (tip 3) for the letters. I used tip 27 for the outline of the board. Wilton sells the children’s heads.

I used tip 1A to make the apple and to pipe the bodies of the people. I use tip 3 to write symbols of peace, love and friendship (class motto) and Moe (teacher’s favorite band).

Homemade Teacher Cake

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