Coolest Chicken Dinner Cake

Homemade Chicken Dinner Cake

We were asked to create a 21st birthday cake for somebody who eats nothing but chicken. This is how we created our Chicken Dinner Cake:- We cooked 2 x 10” square orange flavoured Madeira cakes. We cut them in half horizontally and filled them with lemon butter cream. We then stacked them on top of … Read more

Awesome Homemade Lego Batman Cake

Homemade Lego Batman Cake

We made this Lego Batman Cake for a friend’s son’s birthday. We cooked 1 x 8” and 1 x 4” round orange flavored Madeira cakes. The square cake was for the body and the 4” round cake was for the head. The arms and legs are made of rice crispy mixture. The cake has internal … Read more

Coolest Mickey Mouse Cake

Homemade Mickey Mouse Cake

We were asked by a friend if we could make a Mickey Mouse cake for his son Dylan‘s 2nd birthday. We cooked 1 x 8” square Madeira cake, 2 x 8” round Madeira cakes for Mickey. We cooked 1 x 6” square for the parcel. We drew a template of Mickey’s bottom half and legs … Read more

Coolest Zombie Cake

Homemade Zombie Cake

We were asked to create a Zombie Cake for a friend’s sons birthday. We cooked 3 x 8” round orange flavoured Madeira cakes. We stacked the cakes on top of each other layering them with lemon flavour butter cream. We then carved the cakes into a head shape and gouged out the eyes and the … Read more