Coolest Transformer Bumblebee Car Cake

Homemade Transformer Bumblebee Car Cake

My son was really into transformers, so for his 4th birthday, I knew I wanted some kind of a Homemade Transformer Bumblebee Car Cake. I took a look at this site, and saw some Optimus Prime cakes that I thought were manageable, but of course his favorite was Bumblebee. I had never done a 3D … Read more

Cool Homemade Iron Man Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Iron Man Birthday Cake Design

My son is a huge fan of Iron Man, so for his 5th birthday party, he requested a Homemade Iron Man Birthday Cake Design with the picture from his favorite Iron Man shirt. First I drew the Iron Man onto a piece of paper including all the various details I wanted, not just the outline. … Read more

Coolest Pokemon Birthday Cake

Homemade Pokemon Birthday Cake

My son asked for a Pokemon party for his 6th birthday. So I browsed around the web at all the different cakes, and then combined the various pieces I liked to come up with my design of this Homemade Pokemon Birthday Cake. I started by making my fondant about 5 days before the party to … Read more