My son is a huge fan of Iron Man, so for his 5th birthday party, he requested a Homemade Iron Man Birthday Cake Design with the picture from his favorite Iron Man shirt.

First I drew the Iron Man onto a piece of paper including all the various details I wanted, not just the outline. I used store bought fondant, and added food coloring (the gel kind).

I rolled out the fondant and used my drawing as a template to cut out the Iron Man outline. I then cut out the detailed parts of my drawing to use as templates to add more depth and dimension to the figure in both yellow and red fondant. I used the tip of a knife for adding definition also.

Then I frosted with store bought frosting and added the fondant Iron Man. I added a little bit of food color and water to some frosting to create some “paint”, to paint on the background details. This part didn’t exactly go according to plan, but I had run out of time, and my son loved it anyway.