Coolest Shih Tzu Cake

Homemade Shih Tzu Cake

I made this Shih Tzu cake for our family pet Shih Tzu “Ichi” for her first birthday. I sculpted two 8″ round chocolate cakes. Applied the butter cream icing using the grass and star tip. Eyes, nose and tongue are made of fondant. To give the eyes and nose a “life like” look I brushed … Read more

Coolest Lightning Mcqueen Cake

Homemade  Lightning Mcqueen Cake

I baked my nephew’s favorite character from Disney “Cars”, a Lightning McQueen Cake. The base is chocolate cake baked in an 8×12 pan. I didn’t have time to bake another cake for the roof so I used Styrofoam. After I sculpted the roof I wrapped it in aluminum foil and attached it to the cake … Read more

Cool Homemade Sunflower Cake with Sunflower Cupcakes

Homemade Sunflower Cake

My sister’s love for sunflower was the inspiration for the Sunflower Cake and cupcakes. I looked up sunflower cakes on the internet and copied what I liked here and there and made my own version. The fondant sunflower decors were made a week before my sister’s party. I used the daisy/sunflower plunger which had 3 … Read more

Coolest WWE Birthday Cake

Homemade WWE Birthday Cake

I made this WWE Birthday cake for my nephew’s 8th birthday. He is an avid WWE fan and wished for 3 things on his birthday cake – the championship belt, the wrestling ring and his WWE toys. I incorporated my nephew’s wishes with the cake ideas that I got from viewing a lot of WWE … Read more