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Coolest WWE Birthday Cake

I made this WWE Birthday cake for my nephew’s 8th birthday. He is an avid WWE fan and wished for 3 things on his birthday cake – the championship belt, the wrestling ring and his WWE toys. I incorporated my nephew’s wishes with the cake ideas that I got from viewing a lot of WWE cakes online (thanks to all those who posted!).

I started working on the fondant championship belt a week ahead as I had to do it by portion. Most parts are hand painted. I also used silver and gold dragees for the “bling-bling” style of the belt. For the wrestling ring I used Styrofoam and covered it with black fondant. Did not have baking dowels on hand so balloon sticks were used instead to hold the wrestling ring. I stabilized the toys (which were sanitized before it was used) with the use of flower wires attached to each of the feet. Frosting on the cake is buttercream.

Homemade WWE Birthday Cake

Homemade WWE Birthday Cake

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