Cool Homemade Doll Dress Cake

Homemade Princess Doll Cake

This Princess Doll Cake is a cake I made for a little girl’s communion. I made a chocolate cake (using 2 boxes of Betty Crocker’s Devil food cake) in a large Pyrex bowl. I then spread cake with choc fudge butter cream and covered it with white rolled out fondant. I modeled a bustier and … Read more

Coolest Dora Toadstool Cake

Homemade Dora Toadstool Cake

I made this Dora Mushroom Cake for my niece. She is a big Dora fan but I wanted to do something different from the usual character cake. The stalk of the toadstool is choc biscuit cake made in pudding bowl and the cap is choc sponge made in large Pyrex bowl. I then covered stalk … Read more

Coolest Thomas Cake

Homemade Thomas Cake

This is a Thomas the Tank engine cake I made for a 4 year old fan. It is a Madeira cake cut into sections and fashioned into an engine shape. I used a toy engine for guideline. Then I used colored fondant in the bright colors to match Thomas. The face proved to be the … Read more

Cool Homemade 2 Tiered Medical Graduation Cake

Homemade Graduation Cake

This Graduation Cake I made for a doctor graduating. It was also her birthday. The bottom tier is choc biscuit cake and choc sponge and the top tier is choc sponge. I covered the entire cake with white fondant and added black fondant strips and white stripes. All the extras around the cake Stethoscope, Hypodermic … Read more