Coolest Make-Up Birthday Cake

Homemade Make-Up Birthday Cake

My 6 year is all about make-up and anything purple and girly. So for her 6th birthday, January 2012 she told me she wanted a make-up cake. I had no idea what to do and saw a lot of other cute cakes with a make up bag, but she JUST wanted make up on her … Read more

Coolest Unicorn Birthday Cake

Homemade Unicorn Birthday Cake

This Unicorn birthday cake was my very first 3 tier fondant cake and I was very nervous. For my daughter’s 4th birthday in November 2011 all she would talk about was a Unicorn birthday cake. I was at a loss and had no idea how to create her this cake. I searched for books and … Read more

Coolest Football Helmet Cake

Homemade Football Helmet Cake

For my son’s 8th birthday in January 2011 he wanted a football helmet cake. I had NO CLUE where to even start with this cake and just kind of figured it out as I went along. Because I needed to have the top round I made sure that I used the right kind of pans. … Read more

Coolest Surf Board Birthday Cake

Homemade Surf Board Birthday Cake

My daughter’s 10 birthday was in August 2011 and Soul Surfer the movie had just come out and she LOVED the movie so she wanted her birthday cake to be a “Soul Surfer Cake”. I am not an artist by any means so trying to picture how to do a surf board birthday cake was … Read more