My daughter’s 10 birthday was in August 2011 and Soul Surfer the movie had just come out and she LOVED the movie so she wanted her birthday cake to be a “Soul Surfer Cake”. I am not an artist by any means so trying to picture how to do a surf board birthday cake was a little nerve racking. I looked at surf boards on the internet to get an idea of how to decorate it and when I had an idea I started to make her perfect cake.

This cake took 2 cake mixes and I made it in a cookie sheet so it would be big enough even after we cut it to shape it. After her cake was baked and cooled I put it in the freezer so it wouldn’t fall apart when I started to decorate it. Because I am NOT an artist and always seem to take off more cake then is needed I asked my husband if he would shape it for me. He took a very sharp knife and little by little start to shape our cookie sheet cake into a surf board. It didn’t take him long to get the look that we wanted.

After it was shaped I iced it in butter cream frosting and then made the marshmallow fondant. This was only the 2nd time that I have used fondant so I was nervous about making it right. I put blue food coloring in the fondant and was pleasantly surprised when it gave it kind of blue and white wavy look. I added the white fondant stripes and outlined them in black butter cream. The Hibiscus flowers I printed on the computer and then used the pin prick technique to put the pattern on the cake. I used different color butter cream to make the flowers and then outlined the flowers in black butter cream. I used the pin prick technique on her name also.

This cake was super fast to make I finished decorating it in just under an hour. My daughter loved!