Coolest Make-Up Birthday Cake

My 6 year is all about make-up and anything purple and girly. So for her 6th birthday, January 2012 she told me she wanted a make-up cake. I had no idea what to do and saw a lot of other cute cakes with a make up bag, but she JUST wanted make up on her cake, not a bag. She was a little picky with her request.

I used 10 inch, 8 inch and 6 inch round cake pans to make her make up cake. After we got them baked and cooled I put them in the freezer for about 3.5 hours so they would be good and frozen and not fall apart on me. She requested chocolate cake with vanilla icing so all 3 tiers were chocolate with butter cream icing.

I made marshmallow fondant to cover the cakes and used food coloring to get the perfect purple for her and also for the black. I covered each tier and then stacked them on top of each other. Then I decorated the bottom layer with black fondant circles that I cut using a small cookie cutter. I used stripes on the second layer and rolled a ton of black tiny balls to place around the bottom of the cake and used a band for the middle of the cake.

My original idea was to put make up all over the cake and put a big bow on the top, but my bow wasn’t working and kept falling apart. I was trying to make it out of fondant and it wasn’t holding, next time I would use gum paste. So I had to change my original plan and make my make-up bigger so it would work as the cake topper.

I made the lipstick, nail polish, eye shadow and lip gloss all out of fondant. The pieces on the side I used toothpicks to stick them on the cake. The ones on top were heavy enough to stand on their own. I used pearl dust to give the cake some sparkle and used it on the eye shadow and in the lip gloss to make it look more like real make up. After a very long night I was so happy with the end result and my daughter was thrilled!

This cake took me about 6 hours to decorate, because I had to change my idea in the middle of it to but it was worth it!

Homemade Make-Up Birthday Cake

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