Cool Homemade Bulldog Birthday Cake

Homemade Bulldog Birthday Cake

A friend asked me to make her son’s fifth birthday cake. He wanted a Green Bulldog! The school he goes to has a bulldog mascot and, after researching bulldog cakes and images online, I found this image, which I enlarged, for the cake. I used a 10″ round pan and made a marble cake by … Read more

Coolest Lion Birthday Cake

Homemade Lion Birthday Cake

I made this Lion Birthday Cake using a 10 inch pan, marble cake (using 2 cake mixes by mixing a yellow cake and chocolate fudge cake), chocolate canned icing, and decorators icing (made from Wilton recipe). I saw some of the cakes on here and molded a few of the designs together. I used about … Read more

Coolest Christmas Holiday Cake

Homemade Christmas Holiday Cake

This was my homemade Christmas Holiday cake. I used a 10″ round pan and made a marble cake, which consisted of a yellow box cake and a chocolate fudge cake mixed together. I put vanilla pudding in the middle of the layers. The cake was frosted with white canned frosting and then decorated with Wilton’s … Read more