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Coolest Lion Birthday Cake

I made this Lion Birthday Cake using a 10 inch pan, marble cake (using 2 cake mixes by mixing a yellow cake and chocolate fudge cake), chocolate canned icing, and decorators icing (made from Wilton recipe). I saw some of the cakes on here and molded a few of the designs together.

I used about 2 cans of chocolate icing. Please refrigerate 1 can, for the mane of hair, and use the other to ice the cake. I used a 18 star tip for the mane of hair, working from the face of the lion out. I used lighted tinted Wilton buttercream icing for the face with a 16 star tip. I used Wilton Black frosting for the eyes and whiskers.

Probably the easiest cake I’ve ever decorated, and the cutest!

6 thoughts on “Coolest Lion Birthday Cake”

  1. Love this cake! I am about to attempt it right now for My Son’s Very own small 1st Birthday cake! Can’t wait to see what He does with all the Chocolate frosting tomorrow! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I don’t see how you started at the face and went to the edges of the cake? It looks like you started at the ends and overlapped until you reached the face. Which would be better? Do you have any tips. I am making this tomorrow!

  3. I have the same question about where to start the mane. Looks like you started at the edge of the circle and went TOWARD the face, not the other way around. How did others do it?


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