Coolest Llama Cake

Homemade Llama Cake

My friend and I have a love of llamas. I really don’t know where it started but I guess that is what makes our friendship special. She requested I make her birthday cake this year because I have found a new love of cake decorating since I made my daughter’s Sunshine cake. We have so … Read more

Coolest Rainbow Cake

Homemade Rainbow Cake

Last year I made my daughter a sunshine birthday cake for her first birthday because she always liked to hear You Are My Sunshine before bedtime. This year she really liked Somewhere Over the Rainbow, so I decided to keep with our song theme and made her a Rainbow Cake. I baked a cake in … Read more

Cool Homemade Sunshine Cake

My Sunshine's First Birthday Cake

Every night before bed I sing my daughter “You are my sunshine” so it seemed fitting that for her first birthday I should make a sunshine cake. There of course was an issue with that, I have NEVER made a shaped cake before, never mind decorating with anything other than a spatula, but this had … Read more