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Coolest Rainbow Cake

Last year I made my daughter a sunshine birthday cake for her first birthday because she always liked to hear You Are My Sunshine before bedtime. This year she really liked Somewhere Over the Rainbow, so I decided to keep with our song theme and made her a Rainbow Cake.

I baked a cake in a 14″ round pan and cut it in half once it cooled. I also made the cake mix rainbow by separating the batter into 6 separate bowls and dying each bowl a color of the rainbow, this is a trick I found on this website and it made the cake very interesting; almost tie-dyed looking.

I cut the halves of the cake in half to make them layered. I then applied some homemade buttercream frosting to the cake board so the cake halves would stand up. Applied a crumb coat to each and filled in any gaps between the two halves which I placed against each other. From there I simply frosted it. The clouds are pieces I cut and carved out of a sheet cake I made.

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