Cool Homemade Sunshine Cake

Every night before bed I sing my daughter “You are my sunshine” so it seemed fitting that for her first birthday I should make a sunshine cake. There of course was an issue with that, I have NEVER made a shaped cake before, never mind decorating with anything other than a spatula, but this had to be special.

I searched high and low for a sun shaped cake pan but came up empty handed every time. I walked around a craft store for a while looking at all the pans and finally it hit me what to do. I used a soccer ball for the center and cut out the rays from a sheet cake. I used construction paper to make a template for the rays so I could make sure I made a large enough sheet.

I froze the cake overnight so it would be easier to cut. I wanted to make the decorating fairly simple so I used a star tip for the whole cake, it was fast and easy. The sunglasses are my daughters. She never wore them so I didn’t think she would mind. I am already trying to decide what to make for Birthday #2.

4 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Sunshine Cake”

  1. I could’ve written the first two sentences of your comments! “You Are My Sunshine” is a favorite in my house-and it goes with the luau theme party too. Thanks for the great example-I’m going to give it a shot!

  2. My daughters name is Sunshine and we are celebrating her 16th birthday this weekend. Of course “you are my sunshine” has always been sung in our house. I haven’t, however, ever made a sunshine cake. I will be trying this next weekend to make this extra special birthday be spectacular. Thanks for the great example!!


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