Coolest Princess Castle Cake Design

Homemade Princess Castle Cake Design

I saw a Princess Castle Cake Design in the movie “Knocked Up” and thought, I want to try that! So I planned a princess-themed party for my daughter’s 3rd birthday just so I could try making the cake. I knew Wilton had a castle kit, but I thought the idea of using ice cream cones … Read more

Coolest Hello Kitty Cake

Homemade Hello Kitty Cake

I made this Hello Kitty Cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday, because I wanted to try fondant for the first time, and the design looked easy enough. I used a box mix and made two 9-inch round layers. I used store-bought frosting to ice the whole thing including between the layers, and refrigerated it overnight. … Read more

Cool Homemade Dinosaur Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Dinosaur Birthday Cake Idea

This Dinosaur Birthday Cake Idea is very exciting for me, because it’s my first “cake for hire” for someone else! They saw a picture of a cake on this site and asked if I could do it. I was nervous but gave it a shot and it turned out great! This cake, believe it or … Read more

Coolest Guitar Cake

Homemade Guitar Cake

This is an electric guitar cake modeled after a Les Paul. I used many of the photos from this website to get ideas. I am by no means a good baker or decorator, so I was pretty proud! This was for my son’s 5th “rock star” themed birthday party. He has a play guitar that … Read more

Coolest Saturn Planet Cake Idea

Homemade Saturn Planet Cake Idea

I made this Saturn cake for my son’s 6th birthday for his space-themed party. It’s very simple. I printed a picture of Saturn from the internet, blew it up so the circle planet itself was about 7 inches in diameter. The rings were too big to print all on the page but I was able … Read more

Coolest School Bus Cake

Homemade School Bus Cake

I made this School Bus Cake for a party we had to celebrate my son and his friends starting kindergarten (to get them excited about it instead of scared!). I just put one shorter piece of cake on top of another longer one. It was a small cake, though if I remember, I think I … Read more