Coolest School Bus Cake

I made this School Bus Cake for a party we had to celebrate my son and his friends starting kindergarten (to get them excited about it instead of scared!).

I just put one shorter piece of cake on top of another longer one. It was a small cake, though if I remember, I think I still had to make two 9×13 cakes or else it would have been too small.

I have it sitting on a video tape wrapped in foil so that the wheels would be lower than the cake. The wheels are mini donuts that are held in with toothpicks, the people are vanilla wafer cookies, the stop sign is a red round gummy candy (and I just printed a stop sign on paper and taped it to the candy), the lights are gumdrops, the top lights are M&Ms. Very simple.

You can’t see it really in this picture, but the writing on the side of the bus says kindergarten. Everyone loved it!

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  1. This is the cutest and best school bus cake I have found on the internet. Thanks! I am having my Sunday school class and the community kids a going back to school party and you cake gave me good ideas for the wheels and other details. So nice! :)


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