Cutest Ever Homemade Monkey Birthday Cupcakes

Monkey Birthday Cupcakes

These Monkey Birthday Cupcakes were for my son’s first birthday party to go with a monkey cake I made. The cupcakes are made with a regular chocolate cake mix. Then I put a regular Nilla wafer for the mouth area secured with a dollop of buttercream. Then I cut a mini Nilla wafer in half … Read more

Coolest Iron Man Birthday Cake Design

Homemade  Iron Man Birthday Cake Design

To make this Iron Man Birthday Cake Design I started with a regular 9×13 sheet cake nd iced it white in buttercream. To make Iron Man’s face I printed out a coloring book image that I sized to fit the cake and printed in the mirror image. Then I followed the directions on this site … Read more

Coolest Thanksgiving Turkey Cake

Homemade Thanksgiving Turkey Cake

I made this Thanksgiving Turkey Cake for a family celebration this Thanksgiving. I started out using a yellow cake/pound cake mixture baked in the Wilton 3D bear pan. The rest of the batter I put into a 10″ round for the tail. I carved the bear into a turkey shape, using carvings to create the … Read more