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Coolest Thanksgiving Turkey Cake

I made this Thanksgiving Turkey Cake for a family celebration this Thanksgiving. I started out using a yellow cake/pound cake mixture baked in the Wilton 3D bear pan. The rest of the batter I put into a 10″ round for the tail.

I carved the bear into a turkey shape, using carvings to create the neck and build up the wings. He is covered in buttercream icing using the #16 star tip. His legs are dowels covered in star tip and his feet are made with 2 lollipop sticks each, folded in half & covered in star tips again.

His tail was made by cutting a flat area off the bottom of the 10″ round so it would stand up. Then I cut small V shapes around the top and covered it in icing using a star tip creating V shapes. There is a dowel rod straight down in the round cake to provide it stability and another through it into the turkey cake to keep it intact.

His hat is not edible, it was made of cardboard and a paper towel tube covered in black & yellow fondant.

He was a big hit at Thanksgiving. The kids loved him and everyone said he tasted great too. Hope you enjoyed seeing him!

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  1. I love this cake but how did you do the beak? I bought the cake pan and everything needed, is it fondant? Can it be done with modeling chocolate? How did you get it to stay? Help from anyone is appreciated


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