Easy Peasy Minecraft Block Cake

Easy Peasy Minecraft Block Cake

I started off this Minecraft block cake by making a dense chocolate cake in a rectangle cake pan.  Once cooled,  I cut out 2 by 2 inch squares and placed them in a random order on a cardboard cake plate.  Some were stacked on top of each other and stabilized with wooden skewers. I then … Read more

Cool Lion Cupcake Cake for a Roaring Leo

Cool Lion Cupcake Birthday Cake for a Roaring Leo

This lion cupcake was a very easy cake to make!  I baked 2 dozen cupcakes and smushed as many as I could on a platter side-by-side in a circle pattern. I put a generous layer of frosting across all the tops (I did not lift up in between cupcakes).  After letting the frosting harden in … Read more

Thomas the Tank Engine Cake Upcycled

I have made several Thomas cakes in the past for my boys.  The hardest part is always the face!  When my 3 year old asked for ANOTHER Thomas cake, I cringed at the thought of making that face again.  And then it dawned on me that I could use an old toy as a cake … Read more

Cool Homemade Speed Racer Cake

Coolest Speed Racer Cake

First, I baked a carrot cake with a regular sheet cake pan. After it baked and cooled in the refrigerator, I cut out the shape of the car and piled up the scraps to make the big bumps above the wheels. I frosted it lightly with a knife, placed 4 chocolate covered Oreos in the … Read more

Coolest Toy Story Andy’s Room Birthday Cake

Homemade Toy Story Andy's Room Birthday Cake

I used a lot of my ideas for this Toy Story Andy’s Room Birthday Cake from seeing other people’s cool birthday cakes here on this site. The bottom of “Andy’s room” is a chocolate layer cake from a large pan. The bed itself is also a chocolate cake made from a loaf pan. I frosted … Read more