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Thomas the Tank Engine Cake Upcycled

I have made several Thomas cakes in the past for my boys.  The hardest part is always the face!  When my 3 year old asked for ANOTHER Thomas cake, I cringed at the thought of making that face again.  And then it dawned on me that I could use an old toy as a cake prop! I started by baking a base for the cake in a brownie pan. Then I baked another cake in the Wilton Thomas pan. I frosted the rectangle base and flipped the Thomas pan cake on top of that. The whole cake got another light frosting and was put in the refrigerator to set.

I followed the instructions for the body of Thomas using the cake pan frosting directions. When it was time to pipe on the face, I grabbed an old, Thomas duffel bag that was torn on one side. I cut out the face from the duffel bag and washed it thoroughly. The face was then placed onto the cake over the area where Thomas’ face was supposed to be piped in.

Voila! A much better Thomas cake than I had ever done before.  And the boys never missed that old Thomas bag!