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Coolest Toy Story Andy’s Room Birthday Cake

I used a lot of my ideas for this Toy Story Andy’s Room Birthday Cake from seeing other people’s cool birthday cakes here on this site. The bottom of “Andy’s room” is a chocolate layer cake from a large pan. The bed itself is also a chocolate cake made from a loaf pan. I frosted all of it in chocolate frosting. (I used frosting that was made at my local grocery store bakery. Just ask for it at the bakery counter. They can make it any color you want!) I bought pre-made fondant online and rolled it out to make the bedspread, pillows and stars.

The bed posts are giant pretzel sticks covered in melted chocolate and refrigerated. The headboard and foot board are fancy chocolate covered shortbread cookies that I bought at the store. Then I placed all the Toy Story characters that came in a set on the cake. I rolled out the pre-bought red fondant as a rug and piped the Happy Birthday directly on to it. I also piped a fancy border to finish off the cake.


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