Coolest French Fries Cake 93

Homemade French Fries Cake

I had a friend ask me if I would make her daughter a cake for her 15th birthday. I asked what she had in mind and her answer was that her daughter just LOVED McDonald’s French Fries. I looked around online and didn’t see anything so I sketched up what I thought would be a … Read more

Coolest Polka Dot Birthday Cake

Homemade Polka Dot Birthday Cake

I had a friend’s niece call me to ask if I could do a birthday cake for her 8 year old daughter. When I asked what she thought she’d like all she said was a square, possibly tiered or stacked cake, one white one chocolate, decorated in GIRLY GIRL colors! Looked for ideas and came … Read more

Coolest Wizards of Waverly Place Cake

Homemade Wizards of Waverly Place Cake

A friend at work asked me to do a Wizards of Waverly Place theme cake for her 9 year old daughter! I didn’t have a clue what it was so I did some searching on the internet and she brought me over the plates and table cloths that she had purchased. What you see here … Read more