Coolest Polka Dot Birthday Cake

I had a friend’s niece call me to ask if I could do a birthday cake for her 8 year old daughter. When I asked what she thought she’d like all she said was a square, possibly tiered or stacked cake, one white one chocolate, decorated in GIRLY GIRL colors! Looked for ideas and came up with this homemade polka dot birthday cake!

Bottom is 12″ square, 1 layer, chocolate decorated with Wilton ready to use buttercream tinted pink with a very dark purple bead border with pink center accents. The polka dots are made from marshmallow fondant and the letter “D” on each corner in the dark purple.

Top is 8″ square, 2 layers, offset from the bottom layer, white decorated with Wilton ready to use RED buttercream with blue to get purple! It was SOOOOO dark I had to add white buttercream to lighten it a bit. It really never got as light as I wanted to I just went with it! It is decorated with a pink shell border (the same color as the bottom layer) with dark purple accents between the shells. The happy birthday is printed on one side and her “D” on the other 3 along with marshmallow fondant polka dots.

I also made a pink “D” with candy melts attached to a lollipop stick and sprinkled purple edible glitter on it but did NOT want to attach it to the cake, I let them do it when they took the cake home! She called to tell me that when she was putting in the top of the cake, it broke! So, sorry, no pictures with that!

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