Colorful Homemade Butterfly Cake

Homemade Butterfly Cake

This Butterfly Cake was for my kindergarten class’s reunion. Each year we set butterflies free so that was the theme of the party. I used three 9 by 13 inch rectangle vanilla cakes for the wings which I carved into the shape of the wings. I decided the shape of the wings by drawing out … Read more

Coolest Little Mermaid Birthday Cake

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake

I made this Little Mermaid Birthday Cake for a co-worker’s little girl’s birthday party. First I used a round cake and then a Bundt pan cake on top. This worked really well because I didn’t need to cut a hole in the cake to put the Barbie in. I crumb coated both cakes and then … Read more

Coolest Ammonite Cakes

Coolest Ammonite Cakes

These two little beauties were so much fun to make! For each cake I used two round cake pans and put them on top of each other with a layer of frosting between. I found that it helped to put the layers together with the frosting in between and then wrap them and put them … Read more