Coolest Little Mermaid Birthday Cake

I made this Little Mermaid Birthday Cake for a co-worker’s little girl’s birthday party. First I used a round cake and then a Bundt pan cake on top. This worked really well because I didn’t need to cut a hole in the cake to put the Barbie in. I crumb coated both cakes and then did a coat of vanilla icing. While the icing was still wet, I pressed in brown sugar and I found that light brown sugar stayed better than the dark brown sugar.

The night before I made sugar cookie dough and separated it into two balls. One ball I mixed in blue food colour and the other purple. I rolled out the dough and used miniature cookie cutters to make flower and shell shapes. I let the cookies cool and then used white icing and sprinkles to decorate them.

For the Barbie I used fruit roll-up to make the mermaids Bikini. I wrapped the bottom half of the Barbie in cling wrap. To assemble, I put the Barbie in and then used blue icing with a star tip to make the mermaids tail. I then used icing to glue on the cookie decorations. I piped around the bottom of the cake using the same blue from the mermaid’s tail but used a shell tip. I used a small tip with mossy green icing to make the seaweed around the base of the cake. Make sure that you press in the brown sugar so that the icing won’t fall off!

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