Coolest Homemade Hissing Cockroach Cake

I baked one round and one oval chocolate cake. Then I hollowed out the centre and filled it with homemade Boston cream filling. Next, I covered with a buttercream icing crumb coat placed in fridge for a bit. I made marshmallow fondant and rolled out and covered the cake. I added a few extra strips … Read more

Easy Giant Cupcake Birthday Cake

Homemade Giant Cupcake Birthday Cake

This is a Giant Cupcake Birthday Cake I made for my niece’s 4th birthday. The pan I rented from a cake store. I used Duncan Hines chocolate cake mix, but I made a pound cake by adding a package of instant chocolate pudding and 4 eggs. I baked the top portion first then the bottom … Read more

Coolest Rapunzel Tower Cake

Homemade Rapunzel Tower Cake

I used A confetti cake from a box mix. Baked them by instructions. Once they where cooled, I placed 11 cupcakes for the base of the cupcake tower. Frost the base cupcakes by first coating the center of each cupcake and then spreading the frosting across the gaps. Place three cupcakes on top of the … Read more

Cool Homemade Frankenstein Cake

Homemade Frankenstein Cake

I made this Frankenstein Cake for my sister in-laws Halloween party, everyone enjoyed it very much. I started with stacking four round chocolate cakes. Then I did a crumb coat on all four layers. Cooled cake in fridge. Then I iced them green, except the top portion of the head. Used chocolate writing pen to … Read more