Coolest Engagement Cake

Coolest Engagement Cake

First thing I did two days before I made the cake was to make the fondant flowers and leaves; I let them dry so they wouldn’t break when placed on the cake. I made this engagement cake with three heart shaped pans on each side to make the double heart. I have an Edible Printer … Read more

Coolest Baby Blocks Shower Cake

Homemade Baby Blocks Shower Cake

This Baby Blocks Shower Cake is 1/2 sheet cake. I made it a basic yellow two mix cake but I added banana extract for a great surprising flavor. I made buttercream frosting and also added some banana extract to it to. I used fondant for the flowers. The filling is just a banana custard I … Read more

Coolest Elvis Presley Birthday Cake

Homemade Elvis Presley Birthday Cake

I made this Elvis Presley Birthday Cake for an Elvis Birthday Party I had. Everyone loved it so much. I hope I can share with everyone who hasn’t seen it. I’ve always wanted to get a picture of one of my cakes on here so the whole world could see it. I started with 1/4 … Read more