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Coolest Elvis Presley Birthday Cake

I made this Elvis Presley Birthday Cake for an Elvis Birthday Party I had. Everyone loved it so much. I hope I can share with everyone who hasn’t seen it. I’ve always wanted to get a picture of one of my cakes on here so the whole world could see it.

I started with 1/4 sheet cake pan. The cake is Frenh vanilla with custard filling, buttercream frosting. I tinted the frosting with teal coloring and I made chocolate frosting for the rest of the decorations. I used all Wilton tools for it. I used small blank Cds and glued them on small plastic shot glasses to make the records and I printed the pictures and cut them out and glued them on the shot glasses. The figure is one of my Elvis ornaments. It really sings when you push the button. I had a lot of fun making this cake. I make a lot of them, this one just turned out so cool.

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