Circus or Movie Themed Poppin’ Cakes

Circus or Movie Themed Poppin' Cakes

So the fun part about these cupcakes are that they are a “sweet illusion!” ¬†Grab you favorite flavor of cake “any flavor, even chocolate, some mini marshmallows, you favorite frosting, and some yellow spray food coloring. ¬†First bake your cupcakes! Second frost your cupcakes heavily (so that the marshmallows will stick!). Third, take one mini … Read more

Coolest Rockin’ Roll Guitar Cake

Homemade Rockin' Roll Guitar Cake

This Rockin’ Roll Guitar Cake began with the inspiration of a “Rock Band,” themed birthday party. I first began by taking two 1/4 sheet pans and measuring the base of two pans next to one another. Once I did that I then took the measurements and measured out my “Wax Paper. Before working on my … Read more