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Circus or Movie Themed Poppin’ Cakes

So the fun part about these cupcakes are that they are a “sweet illusion!”  Grab you favorite flavor of cake “any flavor, even chocolate, some mini marshmallows, you favorite frosting, and some yellow spray food coloring.  First bake your cupcakes! Second frost your cupcakes heavily (so that the marshmallows will stick!). Third, take one mini Marshmallow and pull it apart (into two pieces), then push the pieces back together to make a piece of look alike (POPCORN!!!), then take the many pieces of popcorn you have made, and place them on the cupcake to cover the frosting (use more frosting in needed to make them stick).

Finally. decorate some small cups, or create a personalized wrapper for the outside of the cupcakes. In the picture, I just used some card stock and printed a design I made on my computer (great for personalizing i.e. “Happy Birthday Megan, Tommy etc.”). Fun, easy, (a little time consuming), but budgetable, and cute!

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