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Coolest Rockin’ Roll Guitar Cake

This Rockin’ Roll Guitar Cake began with the inspiration of a “Rock Band,” themed birthday party. I first began by taking two 1/4 sheet pans and measuring the base of two pans next to one another. Once I did that I then took the measurements and measured out my “Wax Paper. Before working on my wax paper cut-outs for the actual guitar cake, I prepared four 1/4 cake pans with chocolate fudge cake batter made from the box and other inexpedience to add moisture. While those were baking, I proceeded to my cutout.

I took the Wax paper already measured and then did a sketch “with a marker,” of an outline of a guitar, then I cut it out. The wax paper was then divided in half, one would be the body and lower neck of the guitar, and the other just the neck and top of the guitar. Once my cakes were done, I let them cool, and then I placed all four cakes in my freezer, which is good for moisture, and makes it much easier to trim the cake.

Once the cakes were somewhat hard I took my rice paper “of the bottom of the guitar” and slowly trimmed the cake with the wax paper cutout on top. I did this for two of the 1/4 sheet cakes because the cake was going to be two layers with filling. I then followed the same steps with the neck of the guitar.

Finally I laid the cake on a large full sheet board, trimmed for evenness, put jello Oreo pudding as a filling then placed the top layer. I used butter-cream frosting to lightly coat the cake, and then dyed red and black butter-creme using regular food coloring. I then used black licorice for details, and butter-creme for other details!

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