Coolest Finding Nemo Aquarium Cake

Homemade Finding Nemo Aquarium Cake

This Homemade Finding Nemo Aquarium Cake was made by hand (with the exception of the plants). The characters were sculpted from Play-Doh 2 days before to give them time to dry out. I put 1/2″ long beads through the top of them before they dried to feed fishing wire through them once assembled. The “aquarium” … Read more

Coolest Aquarium Birthday Cake

Homemade Aquarium Birthday Cake

This Aquarium Birthday Cake is so far my most ambitious creatively and proudest cake thus far. Everything is homemade with the exception of the “plants” which are cuts from faux single stems from my local craft store. The “aquarium” is two metal photo frames with the glass removed, plexi-glass and window screen on top all … Read more