Coolest Aquarium Birthday Cake

This Aquarium Birthday Cake is so far my most ambitious creatively and proudest cake thus far. Everything is homemade with the exception of the “plants” which are cuts from faux single stems from my local craft store. The “aquarium” is two metal photo frames with the glass removed, plexi-glass and window screen on top all hot-glued together.

The characters are hand-sculpted from Play-doh and hang with fishing wire from the screen above. The cake is a two layer that when cut open, mimics Nemo’s stripes with an orange pumpkin bread layer on bottom, a thin layer of chocolate frosting, white cake layer on top and then the chocolate frosting again. Atop the icing is chocolate rocks pressed in to look like the gravel found on the bottom of a real tank. (Rocks can be bought at

The cake itself needs to be put in the fridge overnight to harden the frosting with the rocks in place.

All of my guests loved this especially since some of them never even realized it was the cake until we went to blow out the candle!

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