Coolest Purple Cow Cake

Homemade Purple Cow Cake

I made this purple cow cake twice actually. Once as it appears and once reversed with the cow being purple with white spots. I however do not have a picture. I used the Wilton Animal Cracker pan. For the tiny horns I used Good & Plentys and tied a ribbon for the bow.

Coolest Strawberry Shortcake

Homemade Strawberry Shortcake

I made this Strawberry Shortcake using the Wilton Strawberry Shortcake pan #2105-7040. For an added extra I made Rice Krispy Treats tinted red and spread out on a half sheet cake pan. I cut out heart shaped treats using a metal heart shaped cookie cutter. I piped on icing leaves onto treats resembling strawberries.

Coolest First Clown Cake

Homemade First Clown Cake

I made this first clown cake for my niece when she turned one. To make, I baked 2 cakes, one 8″ round and one 9×13 rectangle. When cooled I cut the rectangular cake into a triangle, taking note to the width of the round cake. I used the round pan and curved short end of … Read more

Cutest Homemade Flower Birthday Cake

Homemade Flower Birthday Cake

I made this flower birthday cake on top of a half sheet cake. The flower pan is Wilton #2105-3055. I iced the bottom cake an positioned the flower cake atop. I first piped the smiley center using tip #18. Pipe the petals using tip #23 and making long lines until filled. Pipe remaining top then … Read more

Coolest Guitar Cake

Homemade Guitar Cake

To make this guitar cake I used the Wilton Guitar pan #2105-570. The bottom is a half sheet cake iced smooth. I piped the flame and accessorized first using a #18 star tip. Using star tip #21, I piped remaining guitar. Using tip #21 I piped a boarder around the base cake. This was my … Read more

Coolest Guitar Cake

Homemade Guitar Cake

I made this guitar cake using the Wilton Guitar pan. I used a star tip to pipe the star design, the top handle the wording. I finished by piping the remainder white.

Coolest Pool Cake

Homemade Pool Cake

This is my version of a pool cake. I also call this my live~n~learn cake. You will need to bake the cake the night before and prepare the pool. Bake cake to your desired size. Mine is a 9″x13″. Cut out area you want for your pool. You need to cut about 2/3 of the … Read more

Coolest Christmas House Cake

Homemade Christmas House Cake

I made this Christmas house cake using 2 cakes. I baked a 9×13 cake and the Wilton Stand-Up House pan. I trimmed out a rectangle to position the cake into. I went about 1.5″ into rectangular cake. I recommend making all accessories (such as the items listed below) prior to assembling based and house portion … Read more

Coolest Pumpkin Cake

Homemade Pumpkin Cake

I made this pumpkin cake double layered to add thickness. I used the Wilton Jack-O-lantern pan #2105-2059. I iced a rather thick coat in between layers as well. Smooth layered cake to look like vertical lines (to resemble the curves of the pumpkin). I placed a green ice cream cone into the top for the … Read more

Coolest 18 Wheeler Cake

Homemade 18 Wheeler Cake

I made this 18 wheeler cake for a trucking company picnic. I used the Wilton 18 Wheeler pan 2105-0018. Using star tip I piped the flag pattern on trailer part of truck. Then piped the remainder of the truck.