Coolest Homemade Torterra Cake

Homemade Torterra Cake

My 8 yr old is obsessed with Pokemon. His favorite character is Torterra, so I went about trying to figure out how to build him a Homemade Torterra Cake. I printed off a Torterra coloring page from clip art, then enlarged it to get an idea of the size cake pans I would need. I … Read more

Coolest G.I. Joe Night Raven Plane Cake

Homemade G.I. Joe Night Raven Plane Cake

My son wanted a G.I. Joe party, so I built a replica of the “Night Raven” plane toy he has. I put his toy down on paper and traced around it to make a stencil of the plane and cut it out. Then I estimated that I would need three 9 x 13 cakes to … Read more