Amazing Hagrid’s Hut from Harry Potter Birthday Cake

My now 6 year old daughter is obsessed with Harry Potter, so she was dying for a Harry Potter party.  We (well OK I) tend to go a little nuts with the theme, but this was such fun! As I’m not confident enough in my cake making abilities to create Hogwarts, I decided that Hagrid’s Hut would be … Read more

Awesome Draculaura Cake

My daughter (like many other girls these days) is glamoured with Monster High.  So for her birthday, she requested a Draculaura cake (her face with her ponytails). So, I made her a red velvet cake (my 1st attempt at that!) and had at it. I used 2 layers of a 10″ square pan. Because I … Read more

Coolest Cinderella’s Gown Birthday Cake

Coolest Cinderella's Gown Birthday Cake

I was asked by a good friend to make a Cinderella cake for her 4 year old daughter’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, so off to the internet I went to find some ideas.  I found an amazing design online and decided to try my best to copy it. I baked 2 cakes (one … Read more

Coolest Superbowl XLVII Cake

Coolest Superbowl XLVII Cake

A friend of my husband’s was going to a Superbowl party last weekend and asked me about a week ahead of time if I could make them a Superbowl cake.  So, I went shopping for supplies! This one was fun and so challenging.  I just baked 2 cakes (9′ and 6″).  I covered the top … Read more